M.C. Who?

Artist, poet, musician, and an all-around creative guy who lives in Santa Fe, NM, and offering his love of creativity and potential to the world in the form of poetry and words. A lover of all things creative and dynamic, and a believer in sharing his soul with the ever-connectedness of everything.

By day, an IT Executive with art, technology, and music on the brain. By night, a cool and collected poet who loves the nature of how and why solemn experiences inspire people to do awesome things with their lives. His life is filled with contradictions, facts and figures, and a gracious sense of humor. Don’t believe the hype when it comes to anything else that describes him. He is by far the most unconditioned guy you will ever meet.

M.C. Davis continues to make his life a journey and throughout his friendships, loves, and pastimes, he has gained an infinite amount of humility and respect for those who share their lives unconditionally and without reservation.

M.C. Davis’ approach to life is simple: leave every space you enter better than how you found it.

Please post comments and enjoy the blog but first, enjoy yourself because you are truly a beautiful and spectacular human being.

M.C. Davis


3 thoughts on “M.C. Who?”

  1. I would absolutely love to hold conversations with your beautiful mind.

    we should set a time,
    until, i’ll just continue to fall into your psyche, if you don’t mind~

  2. haven’t had any foot traffic from you in a while…you should come by and read more of me.
    don’t 4get to leave comment on your way out,
    you know how your opinion matters muchly 😉

    and btw, somehow your vm message you left me got bumped out so I’m gonna need the # again.

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