Drinking From The Water Hose

Drinking from the hose today would be torn to bits by the same folks that probably drank from the hose when they were younger.

I remember drinking from the hose after a long day in the Southern sun, playing street ball or kick ball. It wasn’t something that took too much thought, and many kids in the neighborhood thought nothing of it when it someone dragged a hose from the back yard and turn the dial clockwise.

So, writing for me has become like drinking from the hose. It’s a scary notion for some, but something completely libertating for others. It’s a hipster approach to writing, and I’m very proud that I grew up in a generation that not only drank from the water hose, but also too risks to simply be a kid. We used words like “sike”, and played Simon Says. We played Hide-N-Seek, and didn’t find too much stress in leaving out on a Saturday morning and coming home Saturday evening. Not only did we drink from the water hose, but we knew who Mr. T was, and knew the McDonald’s song by heart. We partied like it was 1999, and that year seemed so far away. We taught ourselves to trust the explorer in us, and Indiana Jones greatly assisted in that mission.

So, drink from the water hose as much as you can. It may be the most stupidest best thing  you’ve done in a while.

M.C. Davis

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