Time Management

On a typical off day–meaning, just a work day with no school, dog-sitting, or loving, I spend time at Panera Bread either studying or preparing for the next day while drinking coffee. It just so happens that today was one of those days where the proverbial schedule didn’t greet me at the front door but instead, my freedom shouted from the tippy-top floor for me to base jump to the bottom.

So, I jumped with open arms like a bird of prey.

However, I just realized that I typically spend more time preparing my setting than I should; in fact, my first 15 minutes at Panera are designed around my place setting instead of getting down to the business at hand. A typical Panera sit down:

A. Find the best seat in the house i.e. the closest outlet (even though my battery lasts for 4 hours, you never know and no regrets right?).

B. Locate who to secretly stare at while pretending to study or browse the net.

C. Find the line to get coffee, make order, then walk feverishly to pick up the order.

D. Come back to my seat, start the laptop, wait…wait…wait…wait…and yes, wait some more (time for more RAM I think)

E. Login into the Panera system, locate homepage, start browsing.

The only dilemma is that from steps A-D, it a good 15 minutes…which needs to shorten dramatically. I’ve wondered who else has this problem where the intentions are great in accomplishing a particular goal but action towards it is the stumbler or the time to prepare yourself for the task is more cumbersome than the actual task.

I think I need a full time life coach.

(Geez…the things people have to endure)

A Particular Conversation The Other Day

The other day I was walking down my usual route on Congress St. when I met up with a friend of mine from the past, but not too far back, but definitely far enough for me to second guess talking to him. In either case, we met and decided to catch up over coffee. Starbucks, which is centrally located along the route, met us with open arms. Here was our conversation:

M: So, how have you been? It’s been a while since–
S: Yeah, I know, and I’m sorry but I’ve had some down days lately that have lingered around.
M: Oh, I know what you mean but like my grandmother used to tell me, “when one door closes, another one opens.”
S: Yea, you’re right and I hope this door stays open for a while.
M: So, what did you think of the new–
S: Hey, do you have $1,000 dollars I could borrow?
M: Um, well, no actually because first, I’m not made of money and second, I haven’t seen you in months!
S: Yeah, I know but I have to pay for my child support and I acquired a slight drug habit since we spoke last…
M: A drug habit? You didn’t even smoke when we spoke last?
S: Some things change I suppose for the worse…
M: I suppose so but not like that.
S: So, you don’t have it?
M: Yep. Pretty much.
S: Well, I have to go but it was nice chatting with you.
M: Oh, okay.

I believe the coffee was just getting to the mid-cool stage when he jetted out the door, but then again, perhaps it was that time for us to make that long leap away from each other once again.

Moral of this story: don’t give your friends money, they might buy drugs to support their habit.

Who Knew?

This past weekend I spent time with Troy and loved every bit of it. The nature of our friendship has grown over the many years that I’ve known him and if anything, our friendship is my most prized possession. There is a coolness to how we interact and I love the fact that there is always room for a good fight once in a while. Sammy, the little one, is growing into a kind of super dog that I would have never suspected 3 years ago when he arrived in a tiny crate from the Delta airlines terminal.

My friend OD (pronounced Oh Dee) , whom I have grown increasingly moved to allow our friendship to stair-climb is doing well after her Navy stint and subsequent life in Jacksonville. She is a true fighter underneath her military boots, black overcoat, stocking cap, and cigarettes. More often than none, I am feeling a warm spirit surrounding me when it comes to my friends. When I was younger, most of my friends had purposes that each would inevitably provide for me. As an adult, I have found that numbers do nothing for appearances and if I start now, I can make up for lost time in my quest to find qualitative friends, vice the norm of special characters with special talents for special days types of friends.

My buddy Matt, whom I have known since I was 9 years old, recently had a falling out–well, let me be honest, I let him go because it was the easiest thing to do. In essence (he would say that actually), he is on his way to being a married man and because my lifestyle is almost fancy free, I have found myself on the outskirts of his new evolution. So, before the untold reality of not becoming “Uncle Mike” to his kids, I kindly exited stage left. I don’t think he understood but then again, this situation unfortunately wasn’t about him. Selfish? Perhaps but who isn’t nowadays?

Russ, my best friend of late, met with me for coffee and conversation the other day and I feel that he and I are also on a new plateau of sorts. He has a wonderful life and completely has those items you only read about: wife, a kid (with one on the way), the house, the whole enchilada and I hope that he decides to progress as he and his family matures. One of the greatest joys I have with him is that we can sit and do nothing for hours, or talk endlessly for hours and still I care for him no less than before. I have found that this type of philosophy is a true staple of a solid friendship. Having a best friend who accepts you for the things that also separate you is indeed something to be cherished.

Who knew?

Hello World ver. 1.1

The day has come where we have to start living and engaging our senses to become more than our outward appearances have led us to be or think. We are much more than a race, a dialect, a species, and we should expect more in how we respect and love one another. We have to dance and be free enough to show ourselves more love, patience, and gratitude for not what we deserve or have, but what we are lucky enough to experience each day. Indeed, we are extremely lucky to have each day awarded to us and even luckier to share with loved ones mutual experiences, from which so much is gained.

I hope to create a blog that is full of character and synergy where my thoughts, actions, and interpretations are fully expressed in poetry, language, and rants. I love the idea of sharing and engaging for what I think is the best audience in the world.

Through this blog, I will post interesting and thought-provoking news articles, wonderful poetry and artwork, conversations that inspire me, and words of wisdom from the people whom I love. This is a blog that intends to inspire you to create, create, and then create some more. The world is in need of positive influences and I hope to do my share by exploiting that request.

M.C. Davis