As A Poet



So, as a poet, we have to think differently than most writers.

Every now and then, we get the awesome privilege to look at verbs as underrated nouns, or adjectives as a sassy and often misunderstood adverb. At times even, we have to look into the eye of a world that’s deeply rooted with rich colors, sounds, and seemingly  (as one would have it) poets have to take in all of the nothing, and extract the everything to where a reader has just enough of the taste of the black-and-whiteness of a feeling, thought, echo…often, just to create that perfect one line of poetry. And don’t forget, poets have to imagine themselves outside of their own skin in order to craft enough meat behind not only the words they choose, but the relevant feeling and substance inside of those words chosen. Most poets think critically about their words, but not for the reason you may think.

Most poets think critically and intimately about their words because they have no choice but to do so.

For poets, the rhythm and cadence of a certain phrase is just as important as the amount of syllables or texture the phrase carries. For poets, they get to tag along for the ride, and throw an amazing amount of caution to the wind. For this is exactly one of the main reason why poets choose to become poets. They get to layer the intimate senses of our humanity with words, precise caution, and enough love to elevate your expression in how the words affect you as the reader.

As a poet, we get the luxury of thinking differently than most writers, in the same cerebral sense a butterfly gets to reflect without fault her amazing metamorphosis from a cocoon.

M.C. Davis

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