The One You Are Supposed To Be With



So, every now and then, you are reminded of your place in life. You get to sit down, reassemble the evening chores, and fall into a million and one pieces in hopes that by the next morning, your pieces will magically fall back into place. This chokehold of sorts becomes the norm for you, and your absence of breath is simply a way of life closing in and remaining ever present in your ability to find a new norm. But you don’t find a new norm, you simply get used to the old norm acting as the new norm.

But some of us get a different version.

Those are the lucky ones.

Those are the ones who get to take each million and one piece and number them meticulously, take those same chores and execute them with precise accuracy, only to later saunter back into themselves the next morning with such ease that even the sun has to patiently wait a few more seconds to blo0m.

See, these lucky ones are the people who simply enjoy every step ahead because each step isn’t given as a promise. Each step is simply a calculated and articulated fall, and these lucky ones know this philosophy without being told or warned. These are the folks who walk with a purpose knowing in full Technicolor that each purpose given isn’t promised to be meaningful, joyous, or even right-side up. These are the lucky ones who simply devour their environment like a poet does when the words, syllables, and infinite wisdom drips over the cup and down in between the fingers as if searching for a new riverbed through the lines of one’s skin.

See, these are the lucky ones who are able to view in full awareness that the life choices they’ve made, has provided them with a companion  with whom they are supposed to be with in the most perfect time-natured way. So, no matter what life brings you, it is in this moment that you are to take a moment to reflect on the roses that sit idle and without notice. Or, if you’re truly aware, it is in this moment that you can simply forgive yourself in not moving in the direction you’ve intended. Often, it’s only the movement that matters and not the direction.

We are all those lucky people, and if you look real closely you’ll see that person holding your hand ever so tightly is just as lucky as you are. In this moment, Happiness is born from a new womb created by the two of you. Take a deep breath and marvel at the fact that you get to give birth to the most joyous connection two people can have. In this moment, you get to simply grow together with every weed far from your path of Happiness.

M.C. Davis


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