So, this year has been quite remarkable for me. I’ve hit several lows, but from the darkness comes a glimmer of light.

For one, I’ve found a new sense of who I will become in my later life. Yes, these types of realizations do happen when you’re close to the big 4-0. I’ve come to the final push for my epic writing adventure in finishing up The Happiness Cookbook–which will be out on Amazon within the next couple of months. Even as I type this blog entry, I look around my house and quietly remind myself that where I am in life is exactly where I need to be. I also have love that’s abundant and filling me up to the rim. There’s not one day that goes by that I don’t thank the Universe for my own Happiness Factor.

I’m also equally blessed to have a best friend as a partner in life, and I get to watch our lives intertwine between the choices, decisions, and often chaotic versions of who we’ll become over the years. I’ve learned that even in the craziest of moments, we get to do them together and without the noise of falling off a cliff alone. The sexiest part of who we are is that we get to fall close and apart together, then get up together, then fall again together. I’ve had this type of thrill before, but only in incremental moments with my past partners. Now I’ve learned the true value in never short-changing your hopes, desires, or love for someone who won’t always appreciate it. I know this now, but I didn’t always and I’m thankful for the Universe for giving me enough time, energy, and strength to understand this parable now.

I’m also blessed to be married now. Well, not in the traditional sense, but truly in the emotional sense. It’s a large step for me to admit such a dramatic approach (considering how much I love weddings), but for once in my life, I don’t just see the mirror image of who I am as a distant figure stumbling through life. I see this mirror image as a guy who deserves the quality of an amazing life, the prestige of Zeus, and the quiet still of a Dr. King speech.

So, enjoy these days we’re all given. Never take no for an answer, and let yourself fall in love with yourself over and over again.

Believe me, it’ll be the best foreplay you’ll ever have.

M.C. Davis

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