We all love romance right?

You know, the thought of that someone spending quality time, or the rush of racing trough traffic on the way to home to find him or her already there waiting, expecting, and cashing in on all the sexiness you’re bringing to the table. We all love the romance of it all, loose and wet to the touch. The type of romance that starts anywhere but in the present tense. It’s beautiful, not because it is, but more so because we deem it so. Romance is powerful, giving, and a complete a capella experience.

Even in that moment, think how lucky you are. Think how much time has been spent all day on useless mundane taskers, or countless mind-numbing meetings that neither matter in this world nor the next. We are all loved by something and it is imperative that we show this love back.

This doesn’t always happen. I get that.

But, let’s keep racing home to see if those same amazing moments greet us at the door.

M.C. Davis

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