Motivation To Run Faster


Every now and then, our motivation drops.

We stop, drop, and remain on the couch without the thought to go beyond the moment. It’s comfortable we tell ourselves, or my body aches from the last time we jetted off to be productive. We also tell ourselves that we deserve to sit there quietly without the noise of the world around us to bother us.

Let’s say for a moment that in that split second between getting up and staying put, we get another option to do both. We get the magical option to literally fall into a million pieces: several pieces of you to do the hard and tiring work of the day, and several pieces of you to lay on the proverbial couch without a care in the world.

In this instance, life would be full of possibilities right?

We could, and most likely with much pleasure,  tell our hardworking pieces to get up at o’ dark 30 to start work, get a nice workout, drive into work to complete the most productive 20-hour workday ever known to Man. Then, report back home to clean the house from top to bottom. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the other pieces of you would get to lounge around like a full-time job, eating from the fridge at will, and never letting the couch get too cold from all the hard work of lounging around.

Still productive right?

Well, yes. 

So, the point of this is to show that no matter which path you choose, we are all the paths at any given time. We all have the ability to literally waste away our days,  or be the most productive human to walk this Earth.  Each path has its own level of either being productive or not. It is literally in the packaging of our day that truly makes us successful or not. It is the care-taking of our persistent walk that strengthens us to have enough momentum to grab onto the next day with the same intensity each and every time.

So, the next time you get the motivation to run faster, do so. When you also get the motivation to sit down, do so. Do all of it with your heart and never give into the thought that there’s a ticking time bomb that will blow you up if you falter from either decision.

Every now and then our motivation drops, and it’s okay.

M.C. Davis

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