Growing Hurts


Most of us know that when a thing grows, it splits and tears in itself until a new growth is gained–typically stronger and more resilient to the touch. During this process, a thing give itself the strength and tolerance to endure the pain in growing, just to fully take in the reward when its new tougher outer shell shines in the light of the day. Muscles, plants, seeds and the such take part in this ritual on a daily basis. Their orchestral makeup of growth will often stem from a small ensemble to a symphony of colors surrounding this metamorphosis. I’m sure many us never fully understand or appreciate the spectacular emotion it takes to decide to grow beyond ourselves.

I’m no expert, but perhaps growing is a process that gives us hope and a ‘try, try,  and try again’ mindset to overcome not only our toughest hurdles in life, but the ever-so-present reminder that nothing in life comes without a cost. Everything must be earned right? By virtue of free will, our minds are free to explore every option, choice, decision, or indecision that life presents. We choose to grow vice being told to grow right? We come to a pass in life where the only option is to grow right? Every choice is yet again a reminder that for every torn muscle, a promise is renewed in how we grow stronger the next time we face a challenge. I believe this is life’s way of challenging us to seek and stretch even beyond what we think we’re capable of doing.

So yes, growth hurts but let the pain be a testament to the amount of patience and care you take in forcing the hard issues through even harder times. We’re very lucky, just like those muscles, plants, and seeds to intimately know the difference between where we are to where we should be.

M.C. Davis

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