The Layers In Between

We all have an innate desire to be better understood.


I mean, if we’re allowed to be the critical thinkers and the established intellectuals the Universe has intended us to be, then why shouldn’t we be afforded every opportunity to be heard and understood. Often, we get caught up in the weeds during  a conversation, and we let ourselves be distracted by the undertones and layers in between the words being sp0ken. We let ourselves focus more on the way someone is speaking, vice what they are actually saying to us. Often, we get too intoxicated with the notion of a conversation vice actually being a direct link within a conversation.

You feelin’ me?

When I was younger, I used to think about how I spoke to folks around me. Of course, I used to stutter like it was nobody’s business, so part of my therapy was to literally and figuratively muster up the courage to hear and visualize the words being spoken out of my mouth. It became an amazing experience  for me, and for once in my life, I was garnered the tools and ability to think critically in how I spoke.  See, I wanted desperately to be heard, but more importantly, I simply wanted to be understood. Fast forward many years later, and I’m the Big Kahuna employed by a telemarketing company  working my chops everyday in convincing folks across this great land of ours to lay down their credit cards to buy a few more knick-knacks, bargains, and otherwise cluttered items for their homes.

It was there that I found my speed, and fell in love again with the idea of proving that I could persuade with the best of them. In other words, it was here where I first started to hear myself through myself in very much the same method and manner that I used to hear myself when  I was younger.

So, for a moment, think out loud and let your words fly into the noisy traffic lanes we’ve inadvertently created for ourselves. You may be surprised in what comes your way when the right words are said to the person who really needs to hear them the most.

M.C. Davis


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