This Is Why I Would Leave You

Every now and then, I want to leave you.

I want to take keys in hand, proceed left and exit far from the room towards the nearest expressway South. In fact, there are times where I wish the day would simply close her eyes in pure spite just to see you fly from the shelf in disbelief. I’m being honest about this, and extremely keen to the newness of the next day I’ll experience without you.

I’m fair about this too.

See, I’m giving you my 30 seconds notice just in case you’ve hired a street lawyer to type out and limbo my words into pointy things that hurt, ping, and dismantle the truth. I’m only taking my portion of the rent and applying it to the right investment outside of you. I’m also taking my half of the couch and making sure our stains are not left in the fabric that she’s had to learn to grin and bear for these past years. Lastly, I’m garnishing those immense wages from my memory just in case it feels the need to pay it forward in some other way.

I’m leaving if you haven’t found the necessary clue within my poetry.

I’m leaving and there’s nothing you can do about it. The decision has been made and I’m finally free within myself to cater to my own needs, without the comfort of catering to yours. I’m fancy-free even, laying in the sun with a deliberate tone, and wasting my day drinking sweet tea near some watery thing slowly catching my eye.

And just in case you’re wondering, I’m moving with all my flaws, mistakes by the millions, and too many bumps and bruises to count. I’m flexing my muscle the right way and it’s too bad we’re beyond the strength of a bond.

These ones and zeros are plain and simple to understand.

I’m leaving and feeling no pressure to lay down and wait for Zeus to change his mind.

M.C. Davis

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