A Tinge

Every now and then, I’ll feel the urge to write.

I’ll start to feel the tinge of nouns dodging my look-away stares, or those annoying verbs grabbing at my torso rubbing and tugging their loose sexy layers next to mine. Even those pesky pronouns, adjectives, and split infinitives find their way to my pen, arguing and fighting with one another over who gets first dibs.

Often, if I’m very lucky, I’ll get the chance to choose a topic; however, this is not often the case. A super topic, as she likes to be called, seems to always give me just enough of her space to find my own space.

She’s good like that.

So, yes…when the urge seriously fights through a very messy and noisy crowd to reach me, I have to respect her efforts. She’s fierce, intense, and without the craziness of how or what to write…just that I do write.

M.C. Davis

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