Dear Mikey,

Dear 16-year-old Mikey,

First, stop thinking you need to carry that Bible around in between those sweaty hands. Later you’ll learn that no matter where you are, those days at Bible camp during those hot summers won’t really matter when you’re older. Learn to run around like you did when you were a lot younger, or forget about the notion of impressing everyone. You’ll learn later in life that often, you’ll only need to smile to get the same results.

Start today, and forget about what may come tomorrow.

Remember when you were a kid, and you were invincible?

Hint: you still are.

Like I said, stop worrying about tomorrow, and start living in this version of now. By the time you’re my age, you will have forgotten the simple steps, and undergone another transformation of trying to find you. I’m here to let you know that your actions now will always affect your actions later, and that trend will never end.

Hey, pay attention! You’ll require everyone’s undivided attention when you get older. Believe me on this one.

Another thing to note is that as you imagine the world changing around you, how about flipping the script and start changing yourself first instead of waiting for the world around you to change. As an adult now, I wish I could have a sliver of the innocence you brought to the scene. Just remember that you’ll never stop transforming so please stop looking for the final draft of you. The real truth, as I know you’ll ask, is that you are the final product.

You were never in any kind of draft format. And for heaven’s sake, let go of letting go. As you make it beyond your tender years, you’ll find wisdom in both letting go and kicking the shit out of something in your way.

This is normal.

Honestly Mikey, stop standing in your own shadow and wondering why it is always dark. Eventually, you’ll learn the fine art of standing in both the shadow and the light. It’ll be tough to realize this at your age, but you’ll get there. It’s not a bad or a good thing. It’s simply a patience and perspective thing.

So, just be patient and stay ready for what’s to come.


You with a beard, a professional job, and a few more notches of wisdom etched on the ‘ol totem pole.

2 thoughts on “Dear Mikey,

  1. I love this. So so true. Isn’t it wonderful the wisdom that we gain with each passing year? And the part about the waiting for the world to change you reminded me of one of my favorite saongs, The Power of One by Israel Houghton. If you havent heard it, you should look it up. AMAZING song!

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