Five Things I’ve Always Wanted To Tell You

1. We never danced in the rain like I’ve wanted us to do, and I’ve never personally made the effort to stop the world around us for us to get another chance at that. This will change. I promise.

2. I’ve never told you how I really feel about our real future. There’s uncertainty, uneasiness, and of course, a few more misguided conversations we’ll have and it’s okay. I’m okay with us figuring this out. We’re designed to do this.

3. I don’t want you to think that we should have a perfect relationship. We only need to look into each other’s eyes and wait for the exact moment to hit where we know that we’re right where we’re suppose to be. Believe me, it won’t take that long. We’ve been there millions of times already.

4. Let’s make believe once in a while. Let’s play and even jump on the couch and laugh for no reason a few times. Let’s drink until our minds wander off without us. When we’re done, let’s do it again.

5. Finally, I’ve always wanted you to know that my love isn’t a fine piece of artwork.  It’s tarnished, torn, and smashed against the concrete every now and then. But, you know in the end, my love will grow stronger, and into a fierce fighter for us. My love with make us celebrities, infamous even–and more aware of our God-given freedoms. You’ll appreciate this because you are just the same.

So, listen to your heart and the syncopated rhythm we’ve learned to share and create within one another.  Everyday we get another chance to admit to ourselves our influences, our guesses, and of course, our  love for the smallest and tiniest of emotions that draw us together.

And yeah, that rhythm is encapsulated in a smooth legato breeze. And I know you know what that feels like.

M.C. Davis

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