I’m happy.

Well, other than the standard underway (stranded) at sea, dealing with the problems of Sailors, and yes, the labor of love I call my amazing job. I’m truly in love with the push-pull system of leadership, which makes me flexible as hell and able to make lemonade out of the many cups of crappola I see come across my daily stops. Every now and then, I’m accused of intentionally keeping my head in the clouds when it comes to love and those feelings that we eventually neglect in our old age.

Yes, neglect.

Even yet, I’m happy and feel like the world doesn’t owe me anything, nor the notion that I owe the world a thing or two.

See, I’m honest with life and I think it’s okay to smile at those thing that bother, torment, or stare us down in the streets. I feel comfortable being free as a jaybird and knee-deep in the thickness of simply existing in the now. Of course, how easy is this to say? Very. I’m here and aware of my fallacies and I’ve learned to simply hug each one of them with the same intensity I would hug you.

So, clouds or not, I’m free in this moment and feel like a million-and-a-half bucks each time I take that breath, and the second one, and the third one, and yep, you guessed it…even the last one.

M.C. Davis


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