A Simple Act Of Growing Apart

Every now and then I get a little scared of living. Don’t misunderstand me because when I say this, I don’t mean I’m starting to prefer the darker side of death but sometimes, and because  I get too wrapped up at times inside the bones of life,  I get a little scared of the familiar things.  Those are most important moments where I find true difficulty in seeing and experiencing meaning in the most simplest of gifts.

Like an apple.

Or, better yet, the simple act of growing apart.

Growth, for example,  is often measured by the distance from a certain point (let’s say Point A), to another point (let’s say Point B). If the time from Point A to Point B is deemed worthwhile, then the growth will be most likely considered positive and truly worth the effort in tackling the distance between those two points.  However, if the growth is deemed not worthwhile or the stringent effort to get from Point A to Point B is arduous and painful, then perhaps the growth will be deemed negative and not worth the bucket of coal to proceed from said points A and B.

Where’s all this going you ask?

For starters, I’ve learned in life that no matter where the growth starts or ends, the fact that one is moving is often enough motivation for that much needed breath of fresh air. In other words, the simple act of growing apart can often be the same process and feeling as growing together. The flow may change but we’re on a strategy of moving beyond ourselves and employing our senses to do the heavy lifting.  So, why not disagree with yourself once in a while and allow a bit of fluid to run through those tough cracks.

I think you’d be surprised at how many apples you’ll find just laying around.

M.C. Davis

One thought on “A Simple Act Of Growing Apart

  1. Sometimes life, is more like an expansion joint on a large bridge traversing the ominous water below. If not for expansion there would be no contraction and without contraction the joint would fail. I think we, like metal, expand and contract, but I, never lose site of the structure, event in which it occurs. Without loss of site, I have found it to be the best part of life; because in both you do grow apart, but structure, the being, are often what is needed to keep the bridge from falling. Which is why we all have expansion and contraction joints, so growing apart can lead to growing back together.

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