When we start anything, typically we rehearse in our minds the process:

Okay. 1. 2.3. breath!

Ready. set. go.

Get my drift?

That moment, even as a younger more astute man, I’ve always prepared myself mentally for what I thought was just about to happen physically. Being a musician as a younger guy, you’re always in the mindset to actually hear the music before you actually play the music. It was this type of synchronicity that had to happen in order to realize the music coming from the instruments is being played as most likely the composer intended..

For me, this was magic.

It was a peek into the process of how music formed, and therefore a new layer in how I saw myself included in that process.

It was magic in that it gave meaning to the substance surrounding the notes, and of course, if I really paid attention, I could actually feel the vibrations in the air all around me finding their place in the space in between the notes. This process spelled out for me the logic in me being there, in that space, and with that much energy allowed only for me to enjoy.

So, take time to  see the magic around you. It’s not always pixy dust or glitter-filled water bottles. Sometimes, and probably more often than none, it’s the simple act of waking up.

M.C. Davis


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