In An Effort To Appreciate

Where would we be if we couldn’t show a bit of appreciation for a thing or two?

I mean, every once in a while we get lucky enough to find someone, or some thing that gives us the pleasurable freedom to appreciate it. We’re giving the chance to think and love something other than ourselves and for once in many of our lives, we’re reminded of how karma truly works.

So, what’s the point you say?

The point is simple:  show gratitude for the things that you already have and chase away the noise that keeps you in place with the things that you don’t have.

We’re all blessed to have the things in our lives that remind us to be better humans. However, and without getting into the movement of discovering the Secret on you, I want to make the point that we may not all recognize those feelings as signs that assist in our not only our ability to make informed decisions. Without fail, often we lack the fortitude and patience to really feel those amazing true statements of who we really are.  So, whenever I’m standing in the line at the grocery store and I glance around at all the movement within those lanes of food and people, I’m reminded that the universe didn’t just want me there…it needed me there.

M.C. Davis


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