Closer To The Beginning

There’s a million ways to tell someone you love them.

If your’e lucky enough, you’ll get the chance to never have to remind them because your actions, and the weight within those actions, will speak for you.

If you really fancy your luck, your actions will sustain even the toughest of times. As we grow, we learn that not only do our actions pave the way to greener pastures, but our inactions graze as well. You know, those subtle moments where silence is loud as hell, or when you’re calling and the other person is calling at the same time. In my opinion, we’re very lucky to have one another to relate to, and we should be extremely proud to know that in everyone of us, the other side of life exists on the same plane. For essentially no cost, we get the chance to change our minds, or re-read a book that will affect us drastically the second time. We get to fall in love in more ways than we can count, and we get to allow ourselves to linger about aimlessly, without pause or regret for the sake of simply existing.

There are a million ways to die in our lifetime, but there are greater ways to live beyond what we’re told, taught, or otherwise led to believe.

So, get there but remember, there’s no rush and there’s absolutely no need to cut in line. Life has a funny way of showing you yourself when you least expect it.

We’re closer than you think.

M.C. Davis


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