We’ve been there a few times.

Life throws us a major curveball and we’re just not ready for it. We laugh it off or pretend  that no one saw us almost slip and fall while gliding our fingers over the lips of our iPhone. There are times where we simply fall victim to ourselves, and lazily caress our feathers with further pity in some manner to make it all better. We grab rulers, graphing paper, and theorists to compare ourselves to this or that; all while not knowing what “this” or “that” really means. We digress and  allow punk labels to dictate our mood, vice the elements we see right in front of us everyday. We also give advertisements the power to tell us how to feel vice looking in the mirror first for the details.

You feelin’ me?

We call ourselves heroes but the real heroes are the folks that accept themselves without the news channel telling them to do so. See, I’m no expert on creating a harmonious humanity model, but I try to know my lane well enough to know that when I happen to slip into your lane, you or I won’t mind too much.

M.C. Davis


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