No, I Love You More

Every once in a while, I’ll wonder where it all takes us.

I mean, what really happens when our mind scatters into a million pieces then slowly retracts into a moment of true love for the one person (or ten) standing by our side.

What really happens when we find ourselves lost and bewildered only to be slowly reminded to simply open our eyes to see the path in front of us.

We’re in the fight of our lives right?

So, when the time comes to say those famous itty-bitty words, “I love you”, please remember the following:

1. Love doesn’t cost a damn thing unless you believe it does.
2. Love is always conditional no matter how many Hallmark cards that say differently.
3. Love is hard, but not like the hardness of concrete; but rather, more like a ocean as you fly into it from 10,000 feet face forward.
4. Love isn’t a journey, but just a sliver of road we’ve been destined to create more of as we mature.
5. Love makes us feel pain as pleasure and pleasure as pain. In either case, love will always let us decide which one fits better.

Essentially, take love as you would a newborn baby: gentle, warm, and with extra clean sheets.

Now, where’s my damn remote control?

M.C. Davis


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