On Being A Romantic


Just you and me kid.

Many times, we’re give more than one chance to redeem ourselves. We’re given reminders each time of our next move to get us to that place where we need to be. Often, if we so happen to choose differently, we’re given further reminders that tell us that perhaps choosing left instead of right the next time–or the millionth time– just may be in our better interest.

We’re still afforded the right to be reminded no matter how many times we’re in need of it.

Even better, there are specific people who get strategically placed in front of us that prove that through their actions, we’re able to see the right or wrong choices in a kind of follow the leader approach. Perhaps getting rid of the rightness or wrongness of a thing should be the first step in this approach to choice making? Either way, life will always send out reminders for us to tackle: a smell, a touch, or whisper from a windless voice or some other romantic notion. Which, brings me to another point: Why do we envision these moments to be dramatic in nature? Like some version of a movie we’ve superimposed in our lives to keep us on target. I mean, who wants a whisper from a windless voice? Heck, just send me an email the next time. A carrier pigeon even. Seriously.

But, as usual, I digress.

In essence, let yourself inhale and exhale full and deep breaths each time you think about changing your life. Many of us spend so much quality time holding our breath in an effort to wait for something new and creative to happen. We spend too much quality time being a romantic for things that neither give us a true helping hand, or prepare us for the next one. 

So, if a lesson is learned, become a romantic with your arms widespread but let it count for the things that matter. Let those wings fly without a GPS, or those bones to lounge without an alarm clock.  Become a romantic for the same reason you inhale and exhale.

Because it just feels that damn good.

M.C. Davis

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