A Little Uncertainty Goes A Long Way

We all need to feel secure every now and then. Right?

In fact, the sheer magnitude of a secure safe feeling is almost erotic to the touch, where intimate flesh-toned layers let go of their grip so that clarity, peace, and a little bit of freedom is allowed to slip right into the warm sheets.

Jus’ sayin’.

The idea of a thing becoming certain is not only a beacon from which we can look into our perspective future, but a testament to the details in our lives that either propel us forward or carry us back to the crib screaming for our pacifiers. Certainty is no different than uncertanity because in essence, they both yield a comfort of sorts. Giving us a sense of being in control, having freedom, and making all the right decisions; whether they’re wrong from the onset.

Even the right wrong decisions feel incredibly right at times. Being certain of a thing is power unlimited. It’s power that gives us that noise we need in our lives to feel energetic and alive with our choices and feelings. So, make a wrong decision from being certain, it’ll give you the same rush from making a right decision from being uncertain.

It’s all in the recovery, and at the same time, it’s not in the recovery.

See, I’m just like anyone else but a little uncertainty has never given me the hebby gebby’s to actually act differently when I’m confronted with the possible failure of my decision. If anything, I’m empowered to act like the truest of heroes because that’s what heroes do.

They behave themselves even when failure’s afoot.

I’m learning to embrace those failed moments since they give way to the depth, field of view, and vivid color of learning from those failures.

M.C. Davis

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