Uncertain About The Choice

Many years ago, I read an article about choices and how a choice is often viewed be a spiritual defining collective of other choices. With each choice, as with all of our thoughts that we form, there exists a type of cloud that we simply pick from; which–if I may be so bold to say–eliminates the notion that one thought is in itself an original thought.In fact, it gives slight credence to the notion that what I’ve typed even in this blog, is only borrowed from other experiences in conjunction with the article I read, and the layers and layers of factors that came to give birth to the article.

…and me.

In other words, is there’s ample room to say that nothing comes from nothing. An original thought or choice only happens at the behest of another choice that was made prior? And prior to that…and prior to that.

Perhaps the universe needed only a small reminder in how to see itself as God. Perhaps it was the universe’s choice to make Man in order for it to see it own self as Man. Nothing begats nothing right? Well, perhaps someone needed to make a choice to even create the nothing we’re speaking of.

I only know one thing: my choices, no matter the repercussions, feel damn good to make. Each time I make one–like the publishing on this blog–I’m joining the amazing club of other choice makers who also feel the need to join the collective in making that cloud just a little bit broader.

M.C. Davis

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