Thinking About The Times

When I was much younger, I thought of myself–like most kids my age–as invincible.

I mean, I was a superhero even as the street lights urged my skinny black ass back home to find food waiting, a woman who adored the hell out of me, and a room full of toys, gadgets, and other things that drew much jealousy from those “others” finding themselves in my room.

See, I think about those times often and without sounding like a walking Hallmark card, those were the “building blocks” of who I am today as a grown ass man. Those moments of sharing, finding space, and realizing the world didn’t revolve around me have finally found a home in my now thirsty-something year old soul.

Yeah, I meant thirsty.

I’ve also realized that those younger moments were not in vain or unfeeling to the touch. Everything mattered then, and everything matters now. So, I’m sticking to the present and tackling the past when it shows itself up with its tougue sticking far beyond the threshold. I’m staring at myself in the face and loving what I see. I’m running towards the finish line of an super-duper ultra-marathon and in a few moments,  I will run right into my own loving arms.

No worries, I’m still seeing more sitting still than chasing after this dream.

M.C. Davis

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