How The Time Gets From Here To There

As you can imagine, my days are filled with things floating around me.

Work taskers, political dramas, evasive driving to and fro, street shootings, and yes…even some issues of who made the coffee with too many grounds. My days are quickly jolted from seconds to hours, completely skipping all the things in between, and the gushy stuff that typically make us slow our roll a bit.

You know, those roses we’re supposed to smell.

So, a day in the life isn’t always true at times. Often, the days squirrel themselves around us in an instant, and the moment you wake up, you’re already at the lunch table. When it’s time for that afternoon coffee break, you’re fast-forwarded to your bed at around midnight–only to begin the time travel machine cycle a few hours later. I can honestly tell you I didn’t even feel February. And January, well…there’s no telling where that note she left on my pillow the next morning went.  As far as I know, she gathered her things right after my internal snooze started.  I’m never the guy to say that life is short but I think my life is becoming just that.


So, from this moment on, I’m tackling the days like I would a  Whopper with cheese with extra bacon after a SERE school experience. I’m not faulting myself to stick with how we count the days, but I’m realigning my system in an effort to enjoy the days that I’m given. Whether they are quick like a humming-bird after a midday fast, or a bear after a hibernation that lasted just a little bit too long, I think my days of finding myself by following myself will have to cease. It’s time to simply lead myself by standing out in front and pushing the cart around with both eyes open.

It’s probably in my best interest anyway.

Like they say, life is short.

M.C. Davis

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