The Upside Of Being Downsized

As many of you know, I’m not quite situated at home.

In fact, I’m nowhere near my home but my 15 years in the Navy so far has led me down this road a few times.

I’ve been able to wager a few items that either don’t matter, carry too much weight to haul around, or too loose to touch. From every angle of my existence, being away from home simply allows me room to address how I optimize my life and the things that impact it. Being away from home allows my heart to saunter in and out of itself, expressing different layers of itself in a type of reintroduction to itself. Being away from home gives me the caliber from which I’ll grow the most, endure the hardest, and feel the most love. Being away from home protects me from myself and those thoughts that tell me that home is where the heart is.

Simply put, everyone knows that’s not true.

Home is simply where you find yourself, because in every step I take or every pretty picture I take in, I’m home. Home is never the last step for the evening, or the resting spot for those moments of immense relief. Home is a notion, a living breathing notion of feeling and emotion that we’re often blessed to have.

Yes, the upside of being downsized is often home too. Just be careful in where you step.

M.C.  Davis


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