The Tough Ones

Where do we get our ability to make a solid choice?

Does it stem from the fact that we’re almost too fearful to fail, so the better option is to simply allow a smudging of room to choose anything passing in our purview.  Or, do we confine ourselves to the option that we have a good or a bad choice,  from which we either draw love or fear in our ability to make sense of our choices. When the tough decisions have to be made,  they can cause ripples, or a landmine to destroy limbs, or a system of subsequent failures that either lead us closer to ourselves, or farther away to where the distance itself becomes comforting.  In either case, even an indecision is a decision so tackle it like you would tackle anything else. Tackle it like you would protrect your child from harm’s way. Tackle it like as if you needed water or food to eat. Tackle it like you would die if you couldn’t grab that one last container of air.

You have to tackle each decision or choice you make as if it were your last impact.

This is a philosophy I’ve adopted through a series of trials and errors, and I’ve learned all of it through the beauty of falling flat on my face.  If anything, the tough decisions aren’t tough if you don’t call them that.

M.C. Davis


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