Love Me When It Hurts

We often fail each other when we start to overthink our purpose in being around each other.

We gain no room to breathe when we only allow so much room to be allocated in a small and uncomfortable space.  Left to our own devices, we shouldn’t be afraid to fail around each other, and we should be afraid to simply not know the answer. If anything, we should be extremely proud of the fact that someone else is truly needed to fight the good fight with us, and that life’s daggers are mere toothpicks thrown at a whale when you are around. If anything, I should feel like our best days are millions of miles in front and behind us, and that this moment is the only real thing that we can love without filters.

Feelin’ me?

See, I’m a poet but I’m also a realist in the sense that life’s choices are never too complicated when one can seriously take a stern look at himself and ask, “How could I not?” In this exact question, we allow ourselves to simply throw a little wind to caution and not the other way around.

M.C. Davis


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