On Being Able To Focus

At times, I’m lost.

Lost to the point where time decides to not wait any longer. So, I stand still and try to realign not only my focus but my expectations. I stand still long enough to keep up with the things around me; in sync with the universe, energy, and of course, the friendships that act as beacons and homing devices.  At times, I stand so still that I hear the heartbeat before the heartbeat. In these quiet moments, I know for a fact that my existence is truly a remarkable experience.

So, even when lost, I’m stable enough to know that the term lost is relative and lean to the touch.

I focus.

I learn to find wisdom in the things around me. I tempt myself to taste the air that keeps me alive.

I focus again.

Then again.

I’m found.

M.C. Davis

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