Playing It By Ear

So, we’re at it again.

Playing it by ear and letting the cards fall where they may; or at the very least, letting the weather pattern choose our mood for the day, for sake of any part of that moody day ruining our year.

When I was younger, I used to dream all the time. I would play over and over in my mind the irrelevancies of how I saw the world. In my world, race would not characterize the forced image of how we see each other. Friendships would start from the very basic need to be friends, vice the fact that you and I are simply sharing the same space, at the same time, and with no exit for either one of us.

See, in my world, playing it by ear isn’t just a notion of whatever whatever, but rather a need to have element be themselves without the pigments we humans often insert without permission.

Loose. Free. Naked. Unfiltered.

It is in this method that I have learned to know you, and eventually the ability to completely love you.

M.C. Davis

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