Two Fingers

…are usually all it takes to know that you’re breathing.

See, I’m learning that as the world tends to twist and turn into a million layers, I’m finding myself in the middle of all of it.

Realistically, the past week has been a telling week for me. I’ve been stuck in a limbo of sorts and in an almost awesome way, I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying the uncertainty and the noise that’s usually quiet enough to lie beneath a whisper is now deafening to the touch. The light that typically follows me around like a scared kitten is now charging down the interstate at 200 miles per hour daring anything to move two inches in either direction.

In a strange way, I’m out of my element and the zany feelings that come with that are not as foreign as I had originally thought.


It’s a funny place but being introduced to it is hardly my idea of a fun evening, especially when I’m paying for everything.

M.C. Davis

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