As You Were

So, there I was, standing in a field looking directly at the sun and asking the very important question of what matters most.

I didn’t quite ask it in a way that made sense, but often as I’m sure you know, what’s doesn’t quite make sense to one person will most certainly make sense to someone else. So, as I’m asking this very important question, I began to think of my own decisions in terms of purpose and the rationale behind what truly qualifies an emotional need vice a need that’s simply emotional.

So, as these thoughts flew in and around my own ecosystem, I began to borrow more and more from the other ecosystems; which in turn led me to find other more fantastical ecosystems. Some were filled with brilliant lights echoing a cloud of unanimous thoughts being gathered and placed in small baskets. Other ecosystems were pure liquid, cool to the touch, and never moving too far from their core of existence. One ecosystem was simply defined by the layers of music in between the notes and without the timbre, melancholy, or kaleidoscope we typically hear.

In this world, everything is symbiontic, lasting, and free to inhale.

In this world everything is finely tuned to the what ifs.

In this world, we stand at ease when we truly want to.

As you were Soldier, as you were.

M.C. Davis

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