For You My Friend

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When I was much younger, I thought like most young kids did. I thought about the strong scent of lingering days and often, especially if a tall glass of Kool-Aid was involved, I would forget about the things that mattered the most–usually just as quick as I had learned them. Many times, especially growing up and finding the most freedom in a humidity-filled South Carolina summer, my interpretation and understanding of friendship grew at a pace that was unnoticed, unfiltered, and almost transparent to the touch.

Those days…

Also, as the only child, one quickly learns that either 1) my stuff is my stuff, or 2) your stuff is my stuff but you don’t know it yet, or 3) your stuff doesn’t matter because Johnny down the street has better stuff anyway. Either way, and I typically felt this even before any argument over stuff would start, I would know in my heart that my stuff in conjunction with your stuff would never make for a happy marriage together anyway…

In essence, my understanding of friendship didn’t involve the very basic nature of giving, or at the very least, the act of sharing.

So, as a now 33-year-old prime meat of a Man, I’ve found that sharing goes hand-in-hand with giving. No matter where you stand on either argument, one will always agree that you can never have enough stuff in your life–or maybe not? Well, for the purposes of this life lesson entry, postive or negative stuff is all relevant. It’s only in the showcase of our stuff that truly makes us who we are.

Just like a tall glass of Kool-Aid on a hot humidity-filled day in South Carolina.

M.C. Davis

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