Like We Talked About

At times, it’s very apparent that I love to talk. In fact, there are times where my brain hasn’t found enough time to throw up the BS Flag before I’ve ran to the next BS-laden subject. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that my words are filled with BS, or carry a BS tone, or even give way to more BS, but often I’ve amassed a few layers of BS that even the most grassed-filled cow wouldn’t want to compete with my BS levels.

Feelin’ me?

So, like we talked about, and having mentioned the above statement on BS, I want to express one thing: everything is relevant.

Even BS.

Many of my friends spend ample time in the Land of BS and quite frankly, I’m often impressed that they don’t take the time to make BS more relevant. In other words, acknowledge it. Own it. Become it.

So, when talking through the roof about how much money one is making, or the 10,000 square foot home one is constructing, let go of the premise that your words–no matter how believable or not they are–are as relevant as the Constitution of the United States, or the Magna Carta.  Now, I’m not saying that a box filled with lies is equivalent to one of the greatest documents of our civilization, but the character in how the effect of words change how we think is truly the focus in my thoughts.

Everything is relevant.

From the good to the bad.

From the Alpha to the Omega.

From you to me.

M.C. Davis

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