Getting There

So, I’ve decided to do another 90 days of P90X.

Not that I’ve failed myself from the last session, or that my body has resumed its normal course of being normal; but rather, I felt good on the program when I completed it a while ago. I felt like a million bucks all the time, and I felt like Tony was there with me in my living room sweatin’ to the oldies like I was. There wasn’t much distance between me and Tony and I think he even knew that at times.

In many ways, P90X gave me a new appreciation for not only the compass of my own body, but also a recognition into what goes in and out of my body. P90X gave me, as I’m still learning, a new edge on what it takes to simply bring your “A” game to everything. The workouts are one thing, but the mental toughness it gives you is another.

If you really think about it, the program’s mission isn’t designed to make you a lean mean fighting machine, but instead, it’s gives you the knowledge base for gaining the insight as to what truly makes a person see him or herself as fit. It gives you the strength and character to ask yourself the tough questions that go into what makes you healthy compared to someone who isn’t.  So, having been through it before, I’m fairly confident I’ll hit the pause button a few times, or stop and grab more water than I should, or even tell Tony to “stick it” more often than I should. In the end though, I’ll be thankful Tony exists and made such an outstanding program.

So, why am I starting this program again?

Because it makes me feel like each time I square up against it, I’m squaring up against myself.

Happy hunting boys and girls.

M.C. Davis

3 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. Great job for committing to do P90X again! I finished my first round of P90X a few weeks ago.

    I started another round of P90X last Sunday and I’m doing it with my wife this time (this is her first round).

    Feel free to check out my results from round 1 of P90X here- P90X Results

    1. Jon,

      Yeah, I did check out your page even before I wrote my piece. Good stuff and very inspiring! Thanks for the words of encouragement!

      M.C. Davis

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