All The Time…

So, I’ve come to the magical conclusion that no one will know everything all the time.

In fact, no 0ne will know most things all the time.

If we’re truly blessed, we’ll have the ability to gain some insight into one exact thing that fascinates us to learn more about it. However, we’re often too entrenched in our ADHD world that the notion leaves us without too much of a fight.

The other day, I was walking with Sammy-dog and he suddenly reminded me that his day’s are many times filled with joy. He gets to wake up with someone glamming at his every move. He’s well-fed, and each time he raises his eyebrow, he gets the chance to have his way out the door and into his “spot” for his, um…indiscretions.

It’s amazing how much our pets tell us. Largely, we’re too occupied in living out our own fantasies that we often forget that there just may be a fantasy in their world that may not include us.

Even with all the perks.

So, all the time I speak about myself, I’m usually led by the little one without a lease, or a thought as to how lucky he has it.

If anything, he’s walking me around this world…one square inch at a time.

M.C. Davis

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