If You Build It…

…they just might destroy it.

Today I spent the majority of my day running around 10 miles. Not only was this run necessary, but it felt real damn good to solve a few more of the world’s problems. This past week I was offered a job where–like most of you–I would be able to work a normal 9 to 5 range, with of course, a little more responsibility attached to the day. Additionally, I would be in charge of a few more high priority resources that could propel my evaluations to the sky.

I opted out.

First, I love the people I work with and for. Secondly, I wouldn’t want to have to tackle the politics that usually accompany such a job description. Lastly, I simply enjoy the fact that the team I work for and with provide me one thing that this job won’t.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed many a challenge during my day, and I’ve seen evidence of those battles by the many scars that I’ve had to endure and repair. So, in every effort, this job offer is no different. I simply want to be a dreamer and this job, for what it’s worth, just doesn’t give me that type of freedom.

So, the 10 miles today allowed this old man to find the core of what makes him happy.

In other news, I was suppose to go to Houston this weekend to help a bud out with a job and housing prospects. This, as evident by the post above, didn’t happen. Job commitments, along with the Spring Break airline/hotel prices made the reality not so much for me. So, I’ll wait until the prices reduce and/or the economy starts to shake rattle and roll upward before I start to make quick jaunts across the nation.

So, all in all, it’s been a great break for me. Classes start next week and I’m actually looking forward to those long days starting. Now, if I can only convince the VA to pay for my ever-so-increasing tuition bill.

M.C. Davis

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