Like A Hole In The Head

…some say it’s for the birds.

I say it’s for the suckers who believe life is not rigid enough.

As it seems, my life is consumed with school.

I mean, and no offense to the characters that are truly blessed in this arena, this lifestyle is really for the birds. In every sense of being a sound and yes, proud graduate student, I’m just not completely aligned in the “self-teaching” aspects of the pr0gram.

Now, in a modern day, most people would be able to adjust to the ever-so-demanding challenges of college life, but when you have to teach yourself the material from scratch as if a PhD. professor with myriad books in his name teaching a 2-hour class with 20 other students just didn’t happen…well, I suppose you can imagine the frustration. I’m happy in every way except this way. But then again, who am I?

The other day, I was walking down the street and suddenly realized that my phone was quietly laying on a table at home. In this moment, the sudden bright sky became dark and gloomy like a scene from a Lord of the Rings trilogy. So, without two shakes of a pig’s tail, I scuttled myself back to the house to pick up the phone. Now, as they say in Hollywood, the show was allowed to go on. As it turned out, I didn’t even need the phone. The honest moral of this story is simply this:

Even when you think you need something to be attached to you, you just may not need it. But just in case, you should get it anyway.

Just like tuition, books, and of course, a class that seems to neither fit here nor there.

M.C. Davis

One thought on “Like A Hole In The Head

  1. I guess all learning comes with some degree of frustration just like life. Life is the constant college course with many times a poor professor – the professor of only trail by fire. I can understand the greatest frustration found in this world and yet I always want to return. Maybe, I am as bad as the non-articulate, haphazard professor of x,y, and z.

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