Jesus Take The Wheel

Often, we’re never met with a challenge.

I mean, really?

Challenges to some may encompass the jumping from one building to the next, with only a flap of a fabric to carry the body afloat. Of course, our friend Dr. Death may just be quietly smiling from the back of the room.

Other times, a challenge is a simple statement like x+4=6, in which we, the laymen, are able to carry forward the joy of showcasing our ability to solve and dilute life’s challenges with an ease. In other words, challenges are often graceful in nature until we agree that they’re not. The challenge itself is more often than none, given the four-letter-word treatment while our ability to not know our own limits is blessed by the Holy Virgin. When we change our expectations of what truly challenges us, then the burden that often shows up when we’re challenged will dissipate as well.



So, when you’re met with a challenge, take a deep breathe and think to yourself how and why you deserve to move from the spot where you’re currently standing, to that spot way over there. You know, that place further in the light. You know, that place further up the hill where you can see yourself inside of yourself.

…yes, that would be called movement.

M.C. Davis

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