A Family Affair

Often, during this time of the year, families will often find themselves nestled next to each other in a frenzy of soul food, laughter, wine, and sometimes dismay.

Oh, I know.

In a loose setting, families tend to forget to address any and all past issues, and simply regress to let bygones stay bygones; but more often than none, the good and juicy families have the ability to counter-attack any semblance of normality for a quick jab, punch, or slap from a past boxing match.

This, as you can imagine, can lead to a kind of spectacle since most people, including those devoted NASCAR and MMA fans, enjoy seeing a nice car wreck every now and then. The more fire the merrier right?

I don’t think families are any different.

So, when you start to see a few sparks fly from those olden days of yesteryear, feel free to ask someone around you for a small glass of water.

If you’re real lucky, that will be all that’s needed to get the party back on course.

M.C. Davis

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