Sleep Can Be A Four-Letter Word

…well, I suppose if one really feels that way, anything could be a four-letter word.

Over the past few days, I’ve been battling a sleep pattern.

Not necessarily in the literal sense, but more so in the sense of when I’m able to tackle sleep.

You know, on my own schedule.

For one, my sleep pattern in general is mostly screwed up since my work shift is mostly screwed up–which, as most of you have suspected–is probably the most confusing aspect of my job. And to be honest, it’s not the sleep that’s the problem, but rather the schedule at which I sleep that seems to change drastically at times.

Like now.

For example, these last four days have been filled with random attempts to sleep to a normal pace but, as it seems, I’ve failed miserably. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’ve slept many good hours over these past four days, but not exactly the schedule I’d prefer the sleep those good hours. Instead of sleeping from 7am to 3pm, it would have been nice to actually try to climb in and out of sleep when everyone else climbs in and out of sleep.

And then there was the leaky kitchen sink valve, which probably led to some water damage.


It’s actually funny to walk on hardwood flooring and feel it move under your feet. Gooey wouldn’t be my first word choice but for some reason it’s making it firmly into this post.

Yep. I’ll be paying for this later.

Other than the usual daily adventures, life is grand. Still proofing the book and hopefully making my way up to Maine sooner than later. It’ll be nice to be in a place where everyone knows your name, Social Security number, Date of Birth, and blood type.

…and that’s just the employee base at the 7-Eleven.

M.C. Davis

One thought on “Sleep Can Be A Four-Letter Word

  1. Oh yeah, life in Maine!! It is the only “home” in the world that never requires a “key” to unlock it.
    Now that is the good life!!

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