In Love With Myself Like No Other

…well, at least some of the time.

You know the phrase, “In order to love me, you have to be in love with yourself as well?”

Well, most of us believe in the simple notion that even if it kills me, I’ll make you happy. People-pleasers–along with nice guys and gals–often finish last, whereas the tough guys who live and die by the sword generally carry an happily-ever after finish, with a few beers left in the fridge for the next day.


Now, I don’t mean to sound like an expert on relationships, or some Dr. Phil of Love because Lord knows I’m the last guy God would call for that highly-coveted cabinet position. However, in my experiences, I seen couples simply exist around one another. The humor, the connection, the spark, and the couple that wooed themselves like the best of ’em somehow goes on vacation without leaving anyone behind to watch the dogs or feed the fish.

Often, and in my experience as a lover and a fighter, people stand tall to their beliefs in hopes that the other person they choose to have sex with, and raise a family with will in turn, challenge themselves to lose Mr. or Mrs. Ego and the Gang in order to please the other partner without conditions.

Well, what if this happens and the other person doesn’t even recognize the courtesy or the effort? What if one partner chooses to keep his or her eyes wired shut during those wonderful couple moments?

Recently I saw a man prepare breakfast in bed for his wife, and to his surprise, he was met with a growl to the effect of:

“You know I don’t eat first thing in the morning! I brush my teeth!”

In that moment, I saw a different look in the eyes of my friend who had to take the breakfast he’d prepared for his wife and throw it away.

Believe me, that scene was much more than about eggs and bacon.

So, if you never take anything I say for street-cred, please tackle this:

The person you choose to love is there to witness the things in you that perhaps you may not see in yourself. It’s the universe’s way of showing you the many layers that draw you closer to yourself.

So, when your loved one prepares something for you, a simple hug and a smile will often make up for the nonsense that may want to interrupt your amazing and perfectlove for that person.

M.C. Davis


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