Oh, How You Look Tonight!

Often, we tend to miss the point.

We give ourselves just enough room to satisfy the urge, but we tend to fail miserably in the joys of breaking the bread. In essence, we spend most of our lives saving for the future, but just as soon as the future wakes us up one day to remind us that it’s ready for its first day on the job, we start saving again.

Heck, it’s all we’ve been known to do so when it’s time to spend the same amount of capital you’ve been saving for years, we fall into a type of fear trap. Slowly, we allow ourselves to digress into that scared soul; breaking all the mirrors in the house in fear of seeing our priorities in full color.

Simply put, why not take yourself out on a date every once in a while?

Without too much thought, show yourself a real good time as you give yourself a very sexy compliment in how you look, dress, feel, or walk. Take yourself on a long saunter through a park on a cool night. If you’re really feeling dangerous, buy yourself some ice cream and walk around the city like you own every crevice.

Because you do…indeed you do.

Then after you’ve wined and dined yourself, tuck yourself into a down comforter for a good night’s uninterrupted sleep. When you dream (and yes, you will dream) dream of the day you’ll get to do that all over again.

You may even put out a little bit the next time.

M.C. Davis


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