Sometimes our hardest decisions are the decisions that bring us further away from who we are…

As this Greyhound around-the-world-and-back-trip begins to truly unfold in a little under a week, I’m beginning to realize the one element of truth that I’ll expect to learn throughout the process. Behind the questions, answers, and animalistic snarls that will govern my decisions throughout the ride, I am in essence preparing for my own development and self-therapy through the connections of complete–and most likely cranky as hell–strangers.

No, seriously.

I mean, what does it truly mean to connect with someone else anyway? Most of us simply acknowledge each other having to be reminded of the fact. Many of us gravitate to one another by some other force unknown to even the participates involved:

A nod.
A wink.
A smile.

Where doe the notion come from to share who we are with another person the real essence of why we’re there in the first place? No only that, but without the fear that your gift will be used against you? I suppose in some zany way, the people that I’ll connect with on this trip will probably allow only a certain amount of room for me to breathe in their space.

Others, on the other hand, will open the door wide enough for the entire bus to breathe with open lips and closed eyes.

In a sense, and this isn’t my first go-around on the Greyhound bus from East to West, I should expect to find the same mirror image of myself within the eyes and hearts of the strangers I’ll come in contact with. In fact, I can expect no less of this realization.

M.C. Davis


One thought on “Connection

  1. godspeed to you on your trip,
    and give freely of yourself, giving is about the giver, not the person recieving and what they do with it!
    I appreciate all you share here! : )

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