Let Me See If I Understand This…


…or at least allow me enough room to breathe around you.

I expect only a few things in life to tackle me to the ground with enough consistency to leave me struggling to find the car keys. See, I do realize that when my time comes, death will quietly escort me to that place where I will finally find out what truly makes the world tick–or at the very least, I’ll find out what has made me tick.

so to speak.

I also believe that my core needs, wants, and desires will only reveal their true qualities to me when I’m farthest away from them. In other words, true absenteeism from yourself at times will eventually reward you with the truest appreciation for the things that have stirred you to grow the furthest. Why not experience the entire piece of chocolate cake with all the fixings, vice a small square piece with a warning label highlighting the horrendous side effects. Simply put, I only believe that no matter where I am in life, I am only there to fulfill my own understanding of the things and choices that bring me closer to the person I need to be.

…everything in its own space is intrinsically perfect right?

So, in itself, I’m happy to be here and in this space that completely allows me to see within myself  how important my own potential to grow is. I’m also happy to have people in life that remind me in their own way how to live in complete love without the expectation that love, as she dares calls herself,  is a cost or a thing that only shows up like our good friend Halley every 75 years. Lastly, I’m happy to have the reminders in life that only prove one thing to me:

I’m not in this alone…not by a long shot.

(I’m also happy to be able to write all of this down…)

…with a smile of course.

M.C. Davis


2 thoughts on “Let Me See If I Understand This…

  1. Your post takes me on a cloud like ride. I know that it is mystical,yet, the ground and reality is below me. Life offers so many emotions, feeling, and yet one can never really be sure that he has found them at there deepest understanding. I, like you, am very sure that when that puffy cloud takes me away, I too, will have said ” I am not alone and others have come this way, and maybe, not with all the experiences that I have had, but hopefully with all the love I have been fortunate to have found…sooner than 75 years…

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