In Love With Myself Like No Other

…well, at least some of the time.

You know the phrase, “In order to love me, you have to be in love with yourself as well?”

Well, most of us believe in the simple notion that even if it kills me, I’ll make you happy. People-pleasers–along with nice guys and gals–often finish last, whereas the tough guys who live and die by the sword generally carry an happily-ever after finish, with a few beers left in the fridge for the next day.


Now, I don’t mean to sound like an expert on relationships, or some Dr. Phil of Love because Lord knows I’m the last guy God would call for that highly-coveted cabinet position. However, in my experiences, I seen couples simply exist around one another. The humor, the connection, the spark, and the couple that wooed themselves like the best of ’em somehow goes on vacation without leaving anyone behind to watch the dogs or feed the fish.

Often, and in my experience as a lover and a fighter, people stand tall to their beliefs in hopes that the other person they choose to have sex with, and raise a family with will in turn, challenge themselves to lose Mr. or Mrs. Ego and the Gang in order to please the other partner without conditions.

Well, what if this happens and the other person doesn’t even recognize the courtesy or the effort? What if one partner chooses to keep his or her eyes wired shut during those wonderful couple moments?

Recently I saw a man prepare breakfast in bed for his wife, and to his surprise, he was met with a growl to the effect of:

“You know I don’t eat first thing in the morning! I brush my teeth!”

In that moment, I saw a different look in the eyes of my friend who had to take the breakfast he’d prepared for his wife and throw it away.

Believe me, that scene was much more than about eggs and bacon.

So, if you never take anything I say for street-cred, please tackle this:

The person you choose to love is there to witness the things in you that perhaps you may not see in yourself. It’s the universe’s way of showing you the many layers that draw you closer to yourself.

So, when your loved one prepares something for you, a simple hug and a smile will often make up for the nonsense that may want to interrupt your amazing and perfectlove for that person.

M.C. Davis

A Prayer

IMG 0816[1]

Oh, not for more or longer days, dear Lord,
My prayer shall be~
But rather teach me how to use the days
Now given me.

I ask not more of pleasure or of joy
For this brief while~
But rather let me for the joys I have
Be glad and smile.

I ask not ownership of vast estates
Nor piles of gold~
But make me generous with the little store
My hands now hold.

Nor shall I ask that life should give to me
Another friend~
Just keep me true to those I have, dear Lord,
Until the end.

B.Y. Williams,
contemporary American

“Only That Which Can Destroy Itself Is Alive”

I remember when I was much younger, and being young, my mind kept me abreast of the most absolute things to obey, I was still nonetheless afraid of what exactly to love in life. In my mind, only certain things deserve that kind of love and dedication; and if life grants us the time and space, I could even love it the same way the next day.


All in all, my childhood proved itself to be an adventure every day. Being hyper as a coon-dog, my days were filled with exploring through the layers of woods outside my house, running around chasing anything that wanted to be chased, and of course, following the things in my purview that gave me the most freedom throughout the day.

See, my life then–as it is today–was all about the nowness of things and when I woke up, I was greeted by that dedication to the day. I was greeted by the fact that each day was an absolute truth to the beauty of what my eyes envisioned my purpose in it. In my understanding, it was my obligation to simply own the love for the day, vice simply loving the day.

Which brings me back to the loving part.

…I’ve learned in life that by simply loving a thing, we may not always incorporate a culture of love around that item we’re intending to love.

So, where is the line where we love something vice own the love in something? When does that thing we love become alive to us?

M.C. Davis

I’m Taking Myself Out On A Date

out on
date, and
not invited.
It’s a
like a
or a
light from
sun’s source
on a cloudy
day; or
better yet,
a day
filled to
brim with|
can only
that into
So yeah,
I’m taking
out on
a date,
and you’re
not invited
but hang
it’s only
a few
until I
grab onto
love once

M.C. Davis

Flatlands Of A Different Source

As it seems, the flatlands of Oklahoma City aren’t as flat as I had originally thought.

For one, there are often many layers about a city that go unnoticed, and if you’re really gangsta, you’re able to dismiss the ones you do notice. When I finally arrived to Oklahoma City, I felt a kind of vibe that suddenly propelled me down the street a few blocks from the Greyhound station. To be honest, this vibe actually hit me sitting on the bus as we pulled into the tiny bus terminal surrounded by the usual suspects of Greyhound bus travelers.

Disclaimer: this type of sudden excursion is often very common in my travels. Even as a young whipper-snapper, I remember exploring in the woods and having to be rescued by adults other than my parents. You know, the adults that wear blue uniforms that resemble somethings on the sleeve about protect and serve.

But, I digress.

Regardless, I grabbed my bag and shuffled myself down the street where I found myself in the middle of the city. I wandered a bit until I reached a section of the city and for once, I felt that same I am home feeling that I’m used to finding on these trips. It’s the I am home feeling that originally gave me the strength to tackle the now five trips back and forth across this country. It’s also the I am home feeling that draws me closer to the people who make this trip so rewarding for me.

…and now, I’m here writing about it.

Yes, I’m still home too.

M.C. Davis

I Was There

fell in love
back in the
of ’63,
back when
poet only
existed in
skin fragments
and concepts,
but in
the third degree.
I jumped
in with
both feet
and without
testing the dampness
of the
water, or the
of the ruffled
See, this poet
made his
to the
top of the
line and spat
confident words,
so back
in the summer
of ’63,
we danced
our way
into ’64
and became friends
before lovers
and our family
to multiply
like a strong
from a woman’s
So, even if I
existed in
and microscope
chart, I was there.
And, even if
name never
guttural channel
ways, I was
And, if you
really haven’t
this poet, remember
that even
if my name
was never
etched in
tu corazon”,
I was there.
we fell in love
back in the
of ’63, we became
like flowers
do in the
of a rainy day’s

M.C. Davis