On Love

SamNow, when one decides on what to love, does he or she intimately know how to l0ve it? In other words, is there an innate ability to know how to love one thing without the keen awareness to the noise that love usually brings along for the ride?

Often, we find ourselves in the midst of  the possibility of love without the unique understanding of what that truly entails. Often, we’re so scattered in our own ways that we find only small reminders of who we are supposed to be in our partners and loved ones. We’re lost in an open field and our only way out is to pretend we’re in a crowded city block filled with street sounds, shady characters, and loose women at every corner.

This, in most respects, isn’t supposed to happen this way.

Whenever I’m alone, I think of only the noise that I’ve blocked out to be, well, you guessed it, alone. In doing so, I’ve actually conducted the wrong mindset because I’ve invited the noise back  into a systematic part of my new thoughts. For one, it doesn’t help me to move forward with the “trum trum” of past noise lurking right outside the door. So,  when it comes to love, why do we insist at times that our past objects, hopes, and desires wait for us at the door…as if we’re supposed to return back to them.

I’m not the most pessimistic of lovers because my personality will only allow me to love the world as I see it, but I do realize the advantages of being completely true to the core of who you are. Love isn’t a four-letter word that only starts a conversation but rather, a notion of what could be or the possibility of change within ourselves that will only manifest itself in one direction.

To the person or  thing you love.

M.C. Davis

5 thoughts on “On Love

    1. Yes, and no. But don’t quote me on either point!

      No, seriously. In many respects, we’re taught–especially within the school system–to take a systematic approach to learning about a subject matter, vice a more critical approach. In the matter of love, I feel that we don’t usually take the necessary steps to filter our minds to accept love when it’s being presented to us. It is one thing to know who you’re able to love or why you love them, but it’s a completely different scale when you can internalize the “how” to loving someone. In fact, The moment that we’re sharing right now in this conversation is more of a “how” moment vice a “who” or “what” moment. The who-ness or what-ness is almost nonessential because the greater interest is in how we have arrived at such conclusions about love.

      M.C. Davis

  1. And how we arrive to conclusions about love is based on so many factors, like how we saw others love when we we’re growing up; what we saw on TV, and so on.

    1. Yes, yes, and absolutely yes! In many ways we’re glazed over by those small moments that mean so much; especially to the lovers of lovers out there. So, yes, I completely agree with you which is why I truly believe the “howness” of our love often begins before the thought of love: like the breath before the breath, or the sound before the sound. Remarkable as it is to love someone, the more remarkable aspect is how that love translates in between all the noise that life often brings to us.

      Thanks for such inspiring conversation!

      M.C. Davis

  2. I LOVE this… seriously… an emotion that oozes in my every step, it isn’t uncommon for me to tell strangers I love them… in context of course… but this kind of love generates energy around me. I do it because I can’t help it, I’m sure you’ve figured that out about me by now, but it is at the core of who I am.

    Is it possible to add a little drama to your love for the person who opened that door for you? It will make their day… I promise! This is the kind of love that actually changes toxic environments.

    thanks, MC… for bringing this out in the open!!!

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