Spanish Moment


So, as you can tell, my vacay in lovely Barcelona created a new type of bliss for me. The trip, without too much drama, was in effect without the noise of technology, fax machines running arry, or co-workers demanding to know my inner most thoughts on leadership principles.


Barcelona taught me that no matter how many times you ask for the check, the check will come in due time so if anything, chat until you forget why you came to Barcelona. Barcelona, in her esteemed wisdom, taught me that no matter how far you have to run, walk, or crawl, the scene will continually wait for you to at least carry you forward to your next destination. Finally, Barcelona, in her solemn beauty, taught me that no matter how many people you drag along with you, a day at the beach or a long walk through the inner most parts of the city you never get a chance to read about will reveal the most beautiful aspect of the trip. I’ve found a newness in a city that is historically amazing! Like the time I used to walk through the woods in South Carolina, I made my own trail and owned up to my version of Barcelona.

This was my vacation.

Now, as I breathe in “local” air and “local” scenes, I can only think back at my wonderful experience walking through the city and taking in not only the scenic view, but the culture that undoubtedly has made the trip truly worth it.

M.C. Davis

Walking With The Bulls

Van_ModIn a few days, I’ll be on a plane destined for a faraway land with three of my best friends. For once in my life, I’m going on a vacation without the hassle of tourist maps, cell phones, laptop bags, or the need for a translator.  If anything, I’ll find comfort in knowing that Mr. Sleep and I will become reunited after many moons of missing each other’s calling. If anything, I’ll find comfort in knowing that this vacation, unlike many others, will be filled with the awesomeness of great friends, awesome food, and of course, the memories that never seem to leave the circumference of our lives.

Yeah, we’re off to Barcelona.

So, if you happen to not see a few more posts than usual, understand my heart and intentions are definitely in the right place.


We’ll catch up after the festivities.

M.C. Davis

Expectations Are Met

FireFirst, let me start off by saying that this past weekend with my friends in town has greatly improved how and why I love the friends in my life.

First, no mess to attend to or any dramatic concerns.

Second, the laughs come too often and without force.

Lastly, they are more missed after they leave.

Again, the fact that one has friends is one thing, the fact that those friends give themselves to you wholly is completely different.

I suppose if I ever wrote a book about the awesomeness of beautiful friendships, I would start with the single most important aspect.

Being humble.

M.C. Davis

Half Closed

broadwayAt half closed,
my eyes only
around your
all the
we’re alive
and kicking.

half closed,
my eyes
only gaze
a deeper
spread of
wishing me
and closer.

half closed,
my eyes
are fixed
our  intimate
points of
and days
while the
wait in

M.C. Davis