Going Without That Stuff

Is this possible?

This past Labor Day, ahumph!, I mean, Memorial Day weekend, I spent some time near a beach with my best friend. It was a real nice experience and the days that we spent there simply lathered away the moments and years before our arrival.

That was a good thing.

The weather wasn’t unbearable, and the people scattered to and fro didn’t harm us in our maneuvering in and throughout the cobblestone streets. I woke up to breakfast being made by the B&B staff, and sea salt simmered from the beach, to the stores layering the streets, to the ever-present state of bliss being passed from one hello to another.

Yes, bliss does exist.

In either case, life was grand and if there’s any proof of a God, it existed in that place and in that time.

M.C. Davis

2 thoughts on “Going Without That Stuff

  1. It was Memorial Day, not Labor Day, I seem to make the same slip-up. I know there is a God, because I too was given my bestfriend and had the best time…for so many years.

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